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Yep, her off Babestation.

Dude keeps getting fired for wearing adult nappies at work

A dude from West Virginia has been fired from multiple jobs because his coworkers find it a bit creepy that he’s part of the adult baby diaper community. I mean I get why they’d be weirded out.

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28-year-old Damien Turner has been wearing nappies for the last 10 years, and shock horror, it’s caused a few issues with employers. Damien, who likes to wear nappies 24/7 says that he got sacked from his last job for ‘being childish’. I mean if you’re going to hire an adult baby ffs...

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Apparently Damien also gets ripped outside of workforce his lifestyle but don’t feel too sorry for Damien because the ABDL (adult baby diaper lovers) community have welcomed him with open arms. Here’s what he had to say: 

Diapers are very convenient, comfortable, and cute. It’s a very nice lifestyle and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Dressing and acting like a baby gives off a very calm, relaxing, safe vibe. It’s almost as if you were back in preschool without a worry in the world.

Employment is hard. I’m constantly in and out of jobs. Sometimes my employers find my pictures online or just can’t put up with the fact I’m wearing a diaper and acting childish in the workplace.

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Yeah dude, acting like a kid in the work environment definitely warrants a firing. Fucking clown
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