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Yep, her off Babestation.

Gimme Gimme More...of Rebecca More!

Every now and then I’ll come across a model who is so animated and intriguing that I almost can’t believe she’s real. It’s a pretty rare occurrence but I’m pleased to say I’ve stumbled upon such a model and that babe is the glorious Rebecca More! 

[Image: 2nbtz] [Image: 2nbt-]
The huge-breasted dominatrix and Studio 66 girl has been in the industry for several years and to say she loves her work would be a huge understatement. This babe lives for her career and her energy and charisma on screen is undeniable.

As well as being a top dominatrix and channel babe, Miss More is also part of an elite team known as the ‘Cock Destroyers’. Partnered with Sophie Anderson & Sienna Day, the three girls make it their mission to destroy as many cocks as humanely possible. By destroy, they mean sloppy blowjobs, vigorous wanking techniques and just pure filth in general. 

For fun, filth, comedy and more, look no further than Rebecca More! Catch her on Rampant TV!
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