Down with this sort of thing
This Argentine football fan took his grandfather's skull to along to a title parade

Racing just won the Primera División for the first time since 2014, which was in turn their first win since 2001.  Three titles in 18 years then - not exactly prolific - but neither are their fans having to endure Liverpool-length droughts. 

Or like remember when Leicester won the league?  You could sort of imagine a scenario where someone might like to take their dead family members along to those celebrations, right?  If we've got a once-in-a-lifetime miracle in our midst then all bets are off.

This particular bony old-timer, though; he'll have absolutely seen it all before.  There really was no need to be raiding his tomb or whatever. 

So we're gonna have to conclude that your man in the Tweets is hella in to skulls and shit. 

Those crazy South Americans, eh?

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