Down with this sort of thing
Well done Jason McAteer for kicking Michael Owen up the arse!

A non-exhaustive list of reasons why Michael Owen deserved a kick up the arse:

1. This 32-page brochure, put together to aid his search for a new club after leaving Newcastle in 2009. 

[Image: Michael-Owen-brochure-2.png]

Remarkably, this got him a free transfer to actual Man Utd!

2. He sat in a helicopter and told you to go to Dubai.

3. This other advert, for ambulance-chasers.  Be honest with yourself Micky; did you really need the money?

4. The punditry.  The woeful, woeful punditry...

5. "Well done, he's 13."

So when he hit McAteer with a nasty looking challenge in a Star Sixes match between England and Ireland last week, and McAteer retaliated with said kick up the arse; that was a really nice moment.

Quite possibly McAteer's nicest and finest since his Wash & Go ad back in '97.


Good times.

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