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Babestation star Jamie Knight has got new boobs

You might have been wondering why Babestation's hottest Russian chick Jamie Knight hasn't been seen on Rampant TV lately? 

It's because she's been away getting new boobs!  We never like to be without our favourite babe channel models for too long but as reasons for extended absences go; getting fresh implants is up there with the most exciting.

She recently confirmed on her Twitter that she'd had the op and even sold her old ones!

Before treating us to a little preview of what we've got to look forward to.

Jamie Knight's due back on Babestation and Rampant TV Friday 21st April, and we'll surely get a better look at her new fake boobs then.  In the meantime, let's reminisce about the old ones with some live babeshow clips from earlier this year. 

Super topless, bouncing those big fake boobs (RIP) and treating one lucky customer to a bit of the ol' Babestation phone sex; Jamie Knight knows how to look after you.

Up on the desk and leaning forward so we all get the best possible view of those titties, whilst slapping the phone about her face - with a cheeky wink and a bite of her lip - as though it was your cock.  Call Jamie Knight the next time you catch her live Babestation show on Rampant TV and she might give you a let's pretend blowjob too!

A totally naked Jamie Knight tosses aside her panties so she might better focus on playing with her pussy for the Pervcam viewers.  The rest of us will enjoy the eye roll orgasms and bouncing titties.


Do you think you've got what it takes to make Jamie Knight cum?

Put your romancing skills to the test by striking up a phone sex or private cam session with this Babestation hottie right here on Rampant TV!

Jamie Knight's up on the Babestation desk wearing nothing but a pair of sexy red fishnet stockings and a cordless telephone, and you've got to say that is the ideal amount of clothes!  She gives us a wink and a lick of the lips as the hips are winding and her hand moves towards her tight, wet pussy.  

And forgive us for stating the obvious but those titties sure are looking incredible again!

A similar scene but the stockings are gone!  Plus less of a sideboob and more of a full-frontal view of Jamie Knight's spectacular boobs.  This clip is from March 7th; which was Jamie Knight's last ever Babestation appearance with her old implants.  Hang it in the Louvre!


One for the road; Jamie Knight in killer heels and a slightly pulled down g-string which keeps us focused on the way she bounces that peachy ass up and down and up and down...

And that's your lot, time to say goodbye as we move on to bigger and better things.  Remember; you'll be able to catch all the action from her Babestation comeback live, and right here on Rampant TV, from 8pm on Friday the 21st of April.  That's just over 2 weeks away!  Get the date in your diary and let the countdown begin.

Some screenshots?

Jamie Knight Babestation Rampant TV fake boobs

Jamie Knight Babestation Rampant TV fake boobs

Jamie Knight Babestation Rampant TV fake boobs

Jamie Knight Babestation Rampant TV fake boobs

Jamie Knight Babestation Rampant TV fake boobs

Jamie Knight Babestation Rampant TV fake boobs


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