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Yep, her off Babestation.

Stella Paris opens up about her former radiography career

Babestation and Rampant TV presenter, Stella Paris, spoke to The Daily Star about her former career in radiography. Pornstar and Babeshow model, Stella was once working as a radiographer in her native country of Malta. However, after receiving an ultimatum from her boss, she decided to quit her radiography job and concentrate on XXX work full time. Stella Paris was working at a strip club as a side hustle to make ends meet alongside her radiography job but after her boss found out about her spicy side gig, he gave her an ultimatum. Stella told the Daily Star: 

I definitely have no regrets. If I didn’t do what I did I don’t know where I would be right now because my whole life completely changed with modelling and dancing. I remember when I started dancing I had radiography colleagues on Facebook and they were talking about me and calling me a whore and a slut and all this rubbish.

Then my boss said I can’t be in the entertainment industry and doing radiography at the same time. But just after a month of dancing in strip clubs my life changed. I had paid my debts and my health was above water and my depression was no longer there and I was happy and had new friends too. When they called me it wasn’t hard to choose.

A lot of people told me don’t do it because you have a job with the government like the NHS and it’s a job for life. But I could feed myself and live a good life with stripping. I also felt free and good about myself and nobody controlled me. I was empowered and making good money and I realised it actually made me happy.

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Stella was barely taking home £900 a month as a radiographer but she was making that much per night in the strip club. After moving to the UK, Stella Paris joined the live babe channels and began appearing in XXX content such as solo masturbation pussy play, JOI, lesbian girl-girl, dildo BJ, nude / topless striptease and BDSM. She spoke about some her regular callers on Babestation and Rampant TV: 

One regular has been calling me for two years very frequently and he buys food specifically to call me. For example, custard, jelly and ice-cream. He then puts his penis in the food and I have to tell him what to do. But I love him because he’s respectful. That’s all that matters, respect is very important to me.

Sometimes if people are too rude or pushy I tend to put the phone down. And as for the best part - The thing I enjoy most is dressing up. I dress in different cosplay outfits and I have hundreds of them that I’ve collected over the years. I even have the outfit from the first ever dance I did in a strip club in Malta.

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Stella Paris specialises in all kinds of live phonesex and kinky sex chat. She gets all kinds of requests for all sorts of things, such as sploshing, dildo BJ, anal teasing, Pervcam POV, bondage, domination, buzzing vibrator and pornstar fantasies. Why not call Stella for an erotic fun time!

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