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Yep, her off Babestation.

Babe of the week: Atlanta

About Atlanta

Half-Colombian cutie Atlanta Moreno is a petite and toned former dancer who loves to strip naked and show off her incredible boobs, toned ass and legs.  

Atlanta’s specialities 

Atlanta loves to make all of her callers’ fantasies cum true and she will talk to you about any particular fetish or kink you may have - anal pleasure, spanking, BDSM, naked tantric massage, lesbian fun, toys, foot worship, and MORE! She’s also an expert when it comes to sex positions so if you like a model who can get put her legs behind her head and get into the pretzel you’re in for a treat!  

Atlanta’s favourite outfits 

Don’t expect too much coverage where Atlanta is concerned, her moto when it comes to outfits is ‘the smaller the better’ so expect to find her in a thong bikini or better yet, completely nude!

Atlanta’s favourite position

Doggy style, cowgirl and 69

[Image: 2wd4v] [Image: 2wd4w] [Image: 2wd4x] [Image: 2wd4y] [Image: 2wd4z] 

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