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Yep, her off Babestation.

Preeti & Priya celebrate 10 years on the babeshows!!!

Can you believe it’s been a decade since Preeti & Priya first landed on Babestation and Rampant TV?! Well that makes me feel old.

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Cast your minds back to the summer of 2010 - the first sexy pair of twin sisters land on the babeshows. The exotic brunette pair turn up looking smokin hot, big boobs, toned athletic bodies and matching lingerie. Their first few shifts were a testing ground to see if they had the longevity to stay in a fairly cutthroat industry but the twins proved to not only have the staying power but also the ability to become true icons of their time.

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In the beginning, Preeti and Priya would grace the beds of Partyland, Babestation 1 and Babestation Xtra. Their 2-4-1 phone sections were always a massive hit, with fans going wild over their twin show, which saw the pair strip topless and take dirty phone calls, discussing anything from BDSM, BJ, foot worship, spanking and deepthroat.

[Image: 2wbdt] [Image: 2wbdu] [Image: 2wbdv] 

The twins also had some killer individual sections where they loved playing up to the camera for a shower and oil show, booty bounce show or simply a sexy striptease. They also liked teaming up with their sexy friends for lesbian girl-girl Pervcam shows which never failed to get the viewers hearts racing.

[Image: 2wbdw] [Image: 2wbdx]

Over the past 10 years Preeti and Priya haven’t just stayed within the glamour field, they’ve also gone mainstream, with appearances on showed including My Mum’s Hotter Than Me and a short film entitled Hello Stranger. I must say, the twin’s mum is a pretty smokin hot milf. You can see where they get their looks from.

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Connect with Preeti and Priya on Rampant TV this weekend:

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