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Yep, her off Babestation.

Throwback Thursday: Geri

Looking back at some of the biggest icons in Babestation history, Geri is most definitely up there with the biggest and best. The petite softly spoken, strawberry blonde was one of the best presenters on Babestation back in the day and a cheeky little minx on the phone.

[Image: 2w4zo]
As you can see by her peachy ass, toned abs and sculpted arms, Geri LOVES to workout. She likes slipping on her booty shorts and heading to the gym where she gets low with those squats.  

[Image: 2w4zs] 

On the phone Geri was always cheeky and seductive and she really got to know the caller on a personal level so she could tailor the call to his specific need and fantasy. Geri was a fan of roleplay and you’d often find her being a naughty nurse on the hospital set or slipping on a college uniform and sucking a lolly pop whilst bending over a desk to receive a spanking from one of the girls. 

[Image: 2w4zu] 

I remember working with Geri a lot in those days and during our shifts we would play a game called ‘fanny’ (unfortunately it isn’t as sexual as it sounds). The game involved us trying to slip in the word ‘fanny’ into a phonecall or while we were talking on the mic. We could whisper it and shout but you got extra points for being creepy and creative. I mean yeah, looking back now it sounds ridiculous but it was freakin hilarious. Here’s a couple of shots of Geri & I on the show together back in 2009:

[Image: 2w4zm] [Image: 2w4zn] 

Geri was always a bit of a Duracell bunny in the studio and would love the more high energy show that involved wild positions and getting messy. Geri enjoyed shower and oil shows where she wasn’t afraid to get her hair drenched and let her mascara run in a bid to give her caller an unforgettable experience. Her pint-sized toned body looked incredible naked and dripping wet and I would often sneak a peak at her perky tits and shaved pussy when we were doing 2-4-1 shower shows together.

[Image: 2w4zt] 

Geri definitely needs a spot in the babe show babes hall of fame! Although she doesn’t appear on TV this days, we can still look back and appreciate the pint-sized redhead siren in all her glory:

[Image: 2w4zq] [Image: 2w4zr] 

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