You can now buy a Creme Egg-flavoured chocolate vagina!

If you fancy buying your mate something a little different this Easter, why not try a Creme Egg-flavoured pussy? Yup, with Easter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gifts. You could go for the classic Malteasers egg or my personal fave, a Twirl egg. But a chocolate fanny would be way more interesting!

[Image: 2nhiy]  

The new Fudgeina (I like to say it in my best Borat voice) is moulded into the shape of a vagina and comes in several different flavours - including Creme Egg, strawberry and Vanilla. At the cost of £11.99 each, they’re a bit pricier than you’re average Easter treat but you’re paying for the novelty factor here. 

[Image: 2nhi-]

The company will also throw in a free condom with each order, to "let your friend know what you expect them to do with it". Bit disturbing really. What a horrible sticky brown mess that’d be!  You can also have your Fudgeina sent anonymously, which will no doubt cause a few rows with the other half. It’d be pretty funny though. Get on https://www.fudgeina.comif you fancy placing an order! 

[Image: 2nhiz]

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