You can now get Cannabis suppositories to enhance your sex life!

Obviously we’re all aware of the magical healing properties of cannabis, not to mention the joy of getting baked while watching a movie. However, what I didn’t realise was that people are now using cannabis to enhance their sex life. Who’d have thunk?!

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A company over in America called Foria have just released the first ever cannabis suppository and people are ramming them up their ass and pussies in a bid to liven up their sex lives. Here’s what Foria’s CEO Mathew Gersono had to say about the company’s new product: 

We had people from the EU flying to the US to try our products.
These were people who were having difficulty with intimacy and painful penetration, who then reported their first pain-free sex for many years.
It was transformative for them and drives our work in this space.
If you take cannabis vaginally, it’s not going through the liver and most women do not report feeling any kind of psychoactivity.
The same applies when it’s taken rectally, which is good news for people who are more interested in analgesic benefits rather than being in an altered state.
It’s a way to build a relationship with the plant.However, if you eat our lubricant you will get high – and if you eat the suppository you will get very high.

Sounds pretty fucking epic. Might need to plan a trip to the states!

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