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Chelsea's Danny Drinkwater has been charged with drink-driving

[Image: D3qvAMGX4AUyOAl.jpg]

Danny Drinkdriver, more like. 

Danny Drinkdriver has been charged with drink-watering.

Danny doesn't Drinkwater, or at least not enough of it, because a large amount of his liquid intake is instead booze.  Lads?

Puns are cool.  But you know what aint?  Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.  

The former Leicester midfielder was arrested then bailed after his Range Rover collided with a Skoda in Cheshire in the early hours of Monday morning.  He'll appear at Stockport Magistrate's Court on May 13th.

The probable ban and fine are unlikely to have too much of an effect, but the banter, that'll stay with him forever.

Danny Drinkwater.  Drink-driving.  FFS.

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