Theresa May releases video explaining what's happening with Brexit

I didn’t think this Brexit malarkey could get any more embarrassing but then Theresa May goes and drops a video on Twitter and shit just got worse. If it wasn’t so frightening it’d be hysterical.

[Image: 2ngjp] 

In the video, Theresa May attempts to explain what the whole deal is (or not) with Brexit because nobody knows what the hell is going on. It seems like Theresa hasn’t got a clue either because the video just shows her waffling about wanting a deal but not having deal blah blah. The video was clearly scripted which actually makes it even more cringe because it was just a utter shambles. Honestly, it looks like a scene from Brass Eye.

 I might pretend I’m not British for a bit, just until the shit-show ends.

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