Dude tries to rob Poundland after paying street wizard £250 to turn him invisible
All robbers are scum of the earth but you’ve got to be a proper cretin to steal from Poundland like the dude in this story.

[Image: 2ng59]  

Apparently the guy went into his local Poundland thinking that he was invisible and started filling his packets with as much tat as he could get his hands on. After being stopped by security guards, the guy said that he only did it because he believed to be invisible after paying a street wizard £250. 

[Image: 2ng5a]

May I ask if a street wizard is any different to a normal wizard? I reckon I should go undercover for Rampant TV and test out a few wizard’s services.  

[Image: 2ng5b]

So after being caught, security clearly thought the guy was a little nuts so rather than press charges, they just made him put the stuff back and leave. He wants to be taking that street wizard to a tribunal! Cheeky cunt!


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