Carol Vorderman poses in just her KNICKERS!

Carol Vorderman has just posted a pic of her sexy 58-year-old milf bod in knickers and they definitely ain’t granny panties! 

[Image: 2ng4z]

Taking to Twitter, Carol told fans it didn't matter how old they were if they wanted to get physical. She writes: Totally agree with @jamescracknell #BoatRace keep on moving no matter what your age #MindandbodyUnsurprising, the pic of Carol in her black Nike vest and lacy black undies quickly went viral. 

[Image: 2ng4-]
[Image: 2ng50]  

Can we just take a second to appreciate the toned thighs and sexy curves. I mean most 30-year-olds would kill for that bod! Can we see a pic with the knickers off now please?! C’mon Carol, be a sport! 

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