Netflix’s Slenderman-inspired horror Mercy Black is creeping everyone out!

For a moment I was almost considering cancelling by Netflix subscription because it was starting to get a bit shit but then it dropped a creepy new horror film and thankfully redeemed themselves.  

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The new movie is called Mercy Black and is loosely based on the Slender Man stabbings that happened in 2012. Remember? Those two young girls tried to murder their friend in Wisconsin?  Anyhoo, the character Mercy Black will be taking over the role of Slender Man but it pretty much follows the original story. Here’s the synopsis: 

Fifteen years after stabbing a classmate to conjure a phantom known as Mercy Black, a woman is released from psychiatric care and sent to live with her sister and young nephew. Now, she'll need to confront her past to save her nephew's future.

There doesn’t seem to be an official trailer for the film but here’s a clip:

Pretty creepy right? It’s received rave reviews so far and weirdly seemed to have just sprung out of nowhere. Here’s what director Owen Edgerton has to say about it: 
We’re not retelling that story. We are exploring similar situations, and you want to be – not just sensitive, but respectful of the people involved in those stories.Those stories where someone is victim and responsible party, that scares me, and the way I deal with it is to write about the things that scare me.

That’s my evening sorted then!

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