These bathroom design fails will give you serious anxiety!

Sitting on the bog should be a peaceful and relaxing experience - a place to peruse Instagram and buy some useless tat on eBay. I personally love spending a bit of 'me time' sitting on the throne. Public bathrooms however - not so much. They bring out extreme anxiety in me and I always feel like someone is listening to me peeing or is going to peep under the door. Obviously this is utterly mental but what can I say, I hate public loos. And these bathroom design fails aren't doing much to help my fear of public toilets.

Translucent doors are never a good idea for a bathroom!

[Image: 2neh5]

The most judgemental bathroom ever

[Image: 2nehd]

I'd rather piss myself than use this public bog

[Image: 2nehe]

Classy throne

[Image: 2nehj]

I don't know if those stickers were the wisest choice for a disabled toilet

[Image: 2nehh]

Don't let plopping get in the way of an important board meeting!

[Image: 2nehg]

This sink/toilet combo acts as a great slide for fallen toothbrushes...

[Image: 2nehb]

Practice your musical talents whilst taking a leak

[Image: 2nehl]

Challenge accepted!

[Image: 2neh7]

Not the best paint job for a public bathroom

[Image: 2neh9]

This is making my public loo anxiety skyrocket!

[Image: 2nehc]

This hotel clearly ordered a few too many taps

[Image: 2nehf]

What's the colour scheme? Skid-mark!

[Image: 2neh6]

Only Stretch Armstrong can access that bog roll

[Image: 2neha]

Unfortunate Henri IV mosaic art in hotel bathroom

[Image: 2neh8]

Kids love eating their snack whilst watching their classmate take a shit

[Image: 2nehi]

Mr Whippy. Yum!

[Image: 2nehm]

Fat people not welcome!

[Image: 2nehk]

Come and play with us...
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