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New Land Rover Defender spotted in the wild

Not sure if the following image was ever an official concept, or merely the work of a virgin with a Photoshop key and too much time on his hands.

[Image: xut6]

Oh no, sorry.  One sec...

[Image: xuoi]

But in the absence of anything more concrete in the 5 years or so since the original Defender was laid to rest, the idea of that Fisher Price bit kind of took hold.  Like this was just the way things are now and it's bad and it's wrong and fuck Evoques!

Thankfully, the situation hasn't panned out quite as gravely as all of that.  The actual new Defender will go on sale later this year, and here are some spy shots.  Scuse the camo.

[Image: 556385.jpg]

[Image: 556387.jpg]

[Image: 556382.jpg]

[Image: 556383.jpg]

Much better. 

Let's all treasure this period right now where it's still not been tainted by school runs, celebrities and anyone else who only wants to drive on tarmac.

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