Care home hires butlers in the buff to give to oldies a show!

A group of old biddies recently felt their dry old minges get a dose of moisture again after the manager of the care home they lived at hired a bunch of 'butlers in the buff' to serve them dinner.

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Residents at the Milton Lodge Care Home, in Essex, had their wish granted after their brilliant manager hired a load of topless dudes to serve them a three-course dinner and put on a sexy show.

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Claire Martin is the activities co-coordinator at Milton Lodge, and said that 89-year-old man-eater Joan Corp was the ring-leader and was getting proper handsy with the oiled-up guys. She said:

Whenever you ask Joan what she wants that day she always says 'a man'. So we weren't surprised when she wanted it to be her wish. We had a chat here and everyone was really keen to support it. I had a look online and found a company called Hunks in Trunks. They turned up and we let them know what we wanted them to do.
They had a three-course meal with a roast dinner. The ladies' daughters and granddaughters came. We asked them to do some harmless flirting, it doesn't matter how old you are, so why not?

Safe to say the lads went down a storm with residents, especially with 99-year-old Doll Jenkins - the oldest resident at the home - who has already requested to have the butlers back for her 100th birthday.

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The women clearly had a brilliant time. The guys even went around the room offering massages although I doubt there were many 'happy endings'. Got to love these horny old birds!

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