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Arctic Monkeys release mini documentary but things aren't really any clearer

Strange record, wasn't it? Your Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino.  The sound of those difficult second album seeds being locked in a dark room, and left to ferment until the sixth.

So when a 'making of' bit pops up you're really hoping it'll shed some light on how the magic happened.  Has Alex Turner developed a cocaine habit?  Has he got himself a Yoko? They might be rock and roll cliches but that's only because, more often than not, they're true.

Unfortunately these themes are left unexplored.  What we can say for certain is that they recorded on some vintage gear in a nice old house and then, when they were ready, played those songs to an audience.  You can take that to the freaking bank...

Yeah, in the absence of anything more concrete I think we might just have to conclude that they're super in to the 70s.  Can't go around spending your whole life stressing about this stuff, can you?

Come and play with us...
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