That awkward moment when you see your bigamist husband on TV

Imagine how fucked off you'd be if you were chilling at home watching TV with your kids when all of a sudden, your husband pops up on screen with another woman.

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That's what happened to Helen Grundy and her two kids when they were sat in front of the box watching Saturday Night Takeaway one evening. Helen watched in disbelief as her husband Daniel appeared on Ant and Dec's show as part of a live wedding segment. Daniel was sitting with his wife Susan Brooker, who was the sister of the bride.

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After Helen confronted her lying sack-of-shit husband, he lied and said he wasn't married to Susan, but that turned out to be bullshit. Daniel later admitted to bigamy and has been sentenced to six months is prison.

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In case you're wondering how Daniel found the time to have another wife and family, this all happened during a period where Helen and Daniel broke up. The couple married in 1998 and split in 2010, however they decided to give their marriage another go in 2016. Altough during the six-year break-up, Daniel married Susan in a lavish wedding ceremony abroad. Helen had this to say about her her scummy hubby:

There was never a divorce. We were separated until a year ago when he convinced me to get back together.Daisy and I were set to move to Dubai to live with Dan in June.Dan told me he had split up with Sue last year.

It looks like Daniel trying to have his cake and eat it too has failed miserably, as both women have now left him and have described him as an 'absolute psycho'. Things aren't going too well for ol Danny boy. I don't know how that gawky looking twat got two women to marry him anyway.

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