Playboy features transgender model on the cover

Playboy magazine have gone and done something no one ever thought they would do - put a transgender model on the cover.

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21-year-old Giuliana Farfalla, will be on the cover of Germany's edition of Playboy with her tits out, looking pretty darn fine. While having a transgender model will spark some controversy from Playboy readers, the magazine's editor-in-chief Florian Boitin said that "Playboy is resolutely opposed to any form of exclusion and intolerance."

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Giuliana was born Pascal Radermacher in the south-western German city of Breisgau, and has become famous in her home town since landing Playboy. Giuliana explained that since she was a child she always felt like she was in the wrong body and at the age of 16 she underwent gender reassignment.

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