Shop owner travels 500 miles to beat up customer who left a bad review

A man who owned an online shop traveled 500 miles to beat up a woman who left a bad review.

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A woman named Xiao Li had ordered £34 worth of clothes online from a seller called Zhang, but left a bad review when her items were four days late. The seller was livid at the woman for lowering his overall rating so he threatened to kill her. Slight overreaction perhaps.

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Zhang then decided to travel for two days just to teach this woman a lesson. So he can travel for 48 hours but he can't post someone's items on time?! After trekking to Zhengzhou to give the woman a piece of his mind, Zhang is captured on CCTV beating up Xiao and kicking her.

After the assault, Xiao realised her attacker was Zhang, who had sent her a message saying "I will destroy you" after she left the review. Xiao suffered a concussion after the attack, as well as fractures to her left elbow and injuries to her face.

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Yikes! It definitely makes me think twice before I leave a bad review in future.

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