Internet claims pint-sized model has the best ass in the world!

The good people of the internet have spoken and they claim to have discovered the best booty in the world. The booty belongs to smurf-sized model Anna Apples who stands at a mere 4feet 7inches tall. The fact that she's so tiny makes her big booty even more noticeable.

[Image: 2aw6q] [Image: 2aw6r]

Anna's ass also likes eating thongs...

[Image: 2aw6s] [Image: 2aw6t]

I'm always up for gazing at a hot ass but I just don't see this ass as being the best booty in the world. I mean come on, that's a pretty bold statement. It's decent yeah, and totally get a faceful of it but I've definitely seen better.

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