Dude orders 42 quid clip-on veneers & they look worse than you can imagine!

I've been seeing loads of adverts lately for clip-on veneers and to be fair, some of them look amazing, but they still cost about 400 quid so you'd bloody expect them to look good. Here are some clip-on teeth made by Secret Veneers.

[Image: 2aw5g] [Image: 2aw5h]

Pretty good right? Even at £400 they're still way cheaper than actual veneers and look pretty awesome, but what if you were to shop for a much cheaper alternative? Like, £350 cheaper? There are some products that are fine if you get the basic version but teeth are not one of them.

[Image: 2aw5j]

Ben Watson was never keen on his smile, so when he spotted a set of veneers online for £42, he thought he'd grab a bargain. Ben sent off a moult of his teeth and waited patiently for his new pearly whites to arrive. He had the shock of his life when these arrived:

[Image: 2aw5k] 

Ben said they were advertised as the 'perfect smile' so he couldn't resist giving it a try. He said:

They took an impression of my teeth and I sent it back.£42 pounds later they sent me the teeth. My partner called me saying they had come.I told him to open the package and see what they're like and he just burst into hysterics and told me to wait and see them when I get back.

He wasn't wrong. I would have pissed myself. The term 'you get what you pay for' springs to mind here. Maybe spring for middle of the road teeth next time and not something that looks like it's come from a joke shop.

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