Utter pleb smokes 'Tide' laundry detergent pods for YouTube likes

Fuck me, just when I thought people couldn't get any dumber, they go and pull a stunt like smoking 'Tide' pods, which is laundry detergent if you weren't sure.

[Image: 2avuh]

'Tide' memes have been floating around for a while now and it appears a few people have been taking the online joke a bit too far. What began as a few funny viral pictures, now has doctors concerened over the amount of teens who are now smoking or consuming laundry detergent pods. Yup, you did read that correctly.

Toxicologist Dr. Frank LoVecchio told a local news station that the online memes have evolved into “challenges” where teens have to bite or eat the detergent pods. Doctors are warning those who attemt such a ridiculous stunt that they risk chemical burns to your mouth, lips and esophagus. Not only that, but once dissolved inside you, the chemical can cause central nervous system depression, which can make you sleepy and pretty bloody ill. I'm struggling to see the problem here?! These teens sound like absolute plebs. Surely we just let natural selection do it's thing?!

Anyhoo, here are the memes that are giving morons the idea to do this stupid shit:

[Image: 2avua] [Image: 2avub] [Image: 2avuc] [Image: 2avud] [Image: 2avue]

...and here's the total bellend who thought smoking the pods would be a good idea.

Stop the planet, I want to get off!

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