BMW drivers voted WORST drivers on the road

It's official! BMW drivers are the rudest pricks on the road!

[Image: 2avry]

More than 56 per cent of motorists believe that people who own a BMW are shitty people. In second place for the 'rude cunt' title, we have Range Rover drivers, followed by Audi TT owners. I definitely agree with BMW drivers winning the crown, those lot are a bunch of assholes. Practically every time I have a car up my ass, or someone won't let me out, nine times out of ten it will be a BMW driver.

[Image: 2avrz]

I'm also pleased to tell you that the Ford Transit van made it to the list too, with 36 per cent of pollers saying that the white van man was a terrible driver, and a bit of agressive weirdo at times.

[Image: 2avrw]

Pollers got pretty creative with their answers too, as some described BMW driver as ‘Smarmy businessmen’ as well as ‘holier-than-thou Prius drivers’ and ‘reckless Subaru boy-racers.’ HA! They forgot to add 'drug dealer' to that list. Unsurprisingly, BMW drivers hit back and claimed they were nothing like the stereotype. Hmm, it's hard to judge oneself accurately isn't it?!

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