Arsenal's Alex Iwobi filmed at drug fuelled party right before FA Cup knockout

I always assumed that footballers are sex mad party animals, so why are people shocked when stories emerge of them appearing at drug fuelled parties with loads of women?! I guess there's a time and a place though and getting hella boozy right before a match isn't going to go down well.

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Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi is the latest to find this out. You're probabaly already aware that Arsenal got dumped out of the FA Cup on Sunday by crappy Notts Forest 4-2, but what you may not have realised was that Alex Iwobi was up partying until at least 3am in Soho the night before. Here is a video of him singing and shouting at the party.

A witness said the party had a pretty hefty amount of drugs floating about, who was kept awake by the partying. Here's what they had to say:
They were keeping everyone in the building awake.I was woken at 1am by chanting and singing and went to complain.There were laughing gas canisters all over the place and a strong smell of weed.They claimed they hadn’t been allowed into a club and that’s why they rented the flat.

To be fair, the dude is 21 and is making some serious coin, of course he's going to do stupid shit. I suppose it would've been forgiven if he had played well but sadly he played like crap which resulted in Arsenal losing. Off to the naughty step you go, Alex!

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